A House Fit For A Bond Villain

We were thrilled to be asked to produce photography for 4501 Camden, Cameo Shores, Newport Beach.

Not only is this a fantastic property produced by Spinnaker Development, it is completely another level in terms of luxury real estate development.  This will be an iconic property that will no doubt be mimicked.  It will be discussed in books for generations and be the envy of architects and builders alike.  We hope to see more in Newport Beach!

The floor to ceiling windows are completely flush and hide away as if there is no barrier between the outside and within.  The mustached cantilevered roof frames sunsets across the Pacific.  Every detail goes un-noticed and is of the utmost highest quality.  Iconic means not holding back and this house certainly defines that.

We created a 360 virtual tour, still images and aerial images which were compiled to create a 3d model.  We captured different scenes at different times of the day for the best lighting and to show the property in reflection to the environment.

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