360 Imaging’s virtual archiving service provides you with interactive images of each room in your project.  It’s like having a virtual X-ray of your project!


The interior archive is custom designed for ease of use. Navigate through the jobsite  using the map, the room list and a virtual walk through.  This ensures an intuitive experience without need for instructions.

Why do you need this?

If you have ever had electrical,mechanical or plumbing issues with your home you will know why this is such a great tool!  Using our virtual archive, you can reference areas of concern. No more removing entire walls to determine the source of the problem!  You will be able to surgically open to peak behind the walls and ceilings and target the problem.

How much will this cost?

What you really want to ask is how much could this save you!  Cost is relative to sq ft starting at $1500.


When to shoot?

We want to create an accurate record of your project. Therefore the photography must be done before drywall but after electrical, a/v, plumbing,framing and hvac has been completed.

What do we need to undertake the service?

We require PDF/cad files of each floor and the cover page with total area calculations. We also require your company logo to add your name to the project.  Other than that, an estimated date to capture your project!


We are always asked about printing the views. Not a problem! Our online version has a special photo capture button.  Alternatively take your iPad to areas of concern and use as if an X-ray! This will seriously impress your clients!

What do you get?

We will create the virtual archive with interactive features. This can be accessed via our secure website  allowing you to access your virtual archive on computers in the office or mobile devices on site
You shall also receive 2 DVDs for use on computers.


Having worked on building sites for years, we know clients, particularly high profile, value their privacy.  We share the responsibility of confidentiality and will not pass to any third party.  Our secure servers require authentication to view the files.