Viewing Projects Offline With The USB Thumbdrives

We give out usb thumb drives containing the projects that we shoot.  We appreciate that loading the projects from the thumbdrives can sometimes be challenging.

This is significantly because web browsers recently changed their policies on what content they allow to operate from local (computer) sources.  This is a quick guide that will help overcome these issues.


  1. Download the files from dropbox
  2. Place the file MAC-START-HERE or PC-START-HERE in the same folder as the “start-here.html”
  3. Double click the specific file depending on your system.

All new usb thumb drives are sent with a small script that tricks the web browser into thinking the usb drive is a web server.  This fixes most issues with very little effort.  For older projects, these files can be downloaded from our dropbox account.  There is a file for Macs and one for PC.  It is worth downloading both for future needs.


Double click PC-START-HERE.exe The following will open in your default web browser.

Notice the Firewall Alert. Click on “Allow Access”

From the list, click START-HERE.html and everything will run smoothly.


Microsoft Edge Screen Capture Instructions

Google Chrome Screen Capture Extension


Double click MAC-START-HERE
The following will open in your default web browser.


Recieve this message? Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple menu (top left)


Open Security & Privacy.
Under General Settings (First Tab) Notice Allow Apps Downloaded From Click “Open Anyway”



Safari Plugin